About this project

This database is focusing on the high entropy materials, which are a new class of materials that have received significant attention in materials science and engineering over the last decade. The high-entropy concept addresses the importance of entropy engineering through incorporating of four or more elements with near equal molar ratio into a uniform single-phase structure. The high entropy materials conventionally possess four core effects: (1) high mixing entropy; (2) severe lattice distortion; (3) sluggish diffusion, and (4) cocktail effect, rendering unique and promising structure and properties that can be applied for various applications. 

A unique feature of this project is studying of nanoscale high entropy materials. First, nanoscale size, surface, and functionality could enable critical applications in catalysis, plasmonic, and biomedical applications. In addition, the small size of these nanoscale high entropy materials could critically facilitate the high-throughput synthesis and precise theoretical calculations, which in bulk materials are very challenging. In the database, we will include models of theoretical calculation for high entropy materials, experimental data from rapid synthesis and screening, and also machine learning for existing data.


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Meet The Team

Dr. Liangbing Hu

Group website:


We focused on the materials innovation through rapid and high-throughput synthesis  of various nanoscale high-entropy materials with a designed complexity in compositions, size, and structures. 

Dr. Chao Wang

Our group is interested in developing and utilizing of advanced nanomaterials, seeking for functional applications in catalysis, energy storage and conversion, and many other fields.

Dr. Guofeng Wang

Through computational approaches, many complex issues in high-entropy materials can be predicted and analyzed, which is critical to guide the effective design of materials and efficient analysis of resultant data, even combined with machine learning.

Dr. Reza Shahbazian-Yassar

We specialize in fundamental and nanoscale studies of high entropy materials with a complex structure and composition. We  have developed in-situ characterization techniques to understand the complex problems at the nanoscale to visualize both structural and properties evolution.

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